Top 10 Software Development Companies in the UK in 2022

The United Kingdom is in the top five in terms of digital development in Europe. According to the State of European Tech 2021, London has the densest network of startups as well as the largest concentration of investors and experienced development companies. Over the past five years, the country has invested in technology companies more than other European states. This means that UK organizations and businesses are picky when it comes to choosing a technology partner. If you are just looking for an IT companion, here are the top 10 software development companies in the UK that have been popular over the past 12 months.

In this review, we included the best companies according to The Manifest, which received more positive reviews within 12 months and which users viewed more often on the Clutch platform.


The leader in the number of reviews was Andersen, a software development company with a full cycle of services. Over the 15 years of its presence on the market, its employees have implemented more than 1000 projects for financial and logistics companies, medical institutions, travel agencies, manufacturing enterprises, and other organizations around the world. Now the company has launched 115 projects, 9 of which are in the UK. According to Clutch, Andersen focuses on custom software development, staff augmentation, and Custom FinTech Solutions.

The Andersen team has implemented and continues to create digital solutions for world leaders: Samsung, Ryanair, Siemens, Media Markt, Johnson & Johnson, GlobePayroll, and others. CEOs, CTOs, and co-founders give Andersen a high score of 4.9 out of 5. Clients note that they like the pace of the team’s work and strict adherence to the time and budget of projects. Co-CEO of the Israeli fintech company Praedicta Inga Levich called Andersen employees professionals in all areas they are involved in.


Wirebox LTD

Second in popularity after Andersen is a British company with over 17 years of experience in software development. On LinkedIn, Wirebox LTD positions itself as a digital agency that specializes in online security and website, mobile application, and database development. The company is focused on creating software solutions for small and medium businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, and eCommerce.

In 2021, the company collected 11 new reviews and raised the rating to 5 out of 5 stars. Clients mention the team’s adaptability to problems that arise during the project and creativity in solving complex issues. They emphasize the competence, usefulness, and flexibility of specialists in carrying out project tasks. The director of Icon Solutions (UK) Ltd, Ben Hallifax appreciated the timeliness of the work and regular alerts for updates and results.



According to The Manifest, the third most popular developer is Coderus, a British company that cooperates with start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. It has been operating on the market for more than 20 years, has proven itself credible, and found grateful regular customers.

Coderus offers a full cycle of services, from consulting and strategy development to software development and maintenance. A team of specialists creates mobile applications, corporate programs, and systems for the maritime industry, utilities, agriculture, automotive, energy, and other areas. Clutch users rate the company at 4.8 stars out of 5.


Ester Digital

Ester Digital, a young company that “burst onto the scene” in 2015, became the fourth most popular software developer with eight positive reviews on Clutch. It specializes in web design and web and backend development. It has implemented projects for a number of Fortune 500 enterprises: T-Mobile, ASOS, Bridgestone, McDonald’s, and others.

The Ester Digital team members emphasize their main goal as to “make sure it works all the time, every time”. Actions confirm these words: customers rate the company’s services at 4.9 points out of 5. Customers emphasize the high level of knowledge, workflow efficiency, and communication skills of designers and developers. Antonio Gurei, a Project Manager at the Estonian company Andres, was impressed by the professionalism of the company’s employees.


Looming Tech

According to Looming Tech, the fifth most popular company, technology is a way to solve problems. The company positions itself as a home for ideas and solutions that can improve lives. It helps small and medium enterprises to create and develop MVPs, scale products, and develop innovative web and mobile applications. To a great extent, the team focuses on AI as a technology of the future.

Looming Tech’s clients note the team’s flexibility, creativity in problem-solving, positivity, and a good sense of humor. These and other professional qualities of the company’s employees have led to a high score on Clutch — 5 points out of 5. Managing directors of consulting firms, recruitment agencies, digital agencies, and start-ups are unanimous that Looming Tech provides a high level of services at an affordable price.



The Slovakian company Altamira (formerly known as GBKSOFT) received 7 new positive reviews and was ranked sixth in The Manifest’s top 10 popular companies. The company’s mission is to build transparent relationships with each client, apply the best innovative development practices and lead customers to success. This means that the team thoroughly researches the market and analyzes a product before a project starts and the customer invests in unnecessary features.

In a little more than 10 years, the company has grown from a staff of 4 people to an expanded team of 100 experienced professionals. Since 2020, the team has taken a course on an in-depth study of the IoT, the development of extended services for drones, and extensions for browsers. Abasa Philips, Aquiline Drones, Daryn Dalton, Aaron Betz, David Walker, and other brands have become their key customers. Clutch users rate the company at 4.9 stars, and in 2021 the service included it in the top 1000 best software companies.



According to its employees, the British agency of digital products Tangent cares about the client’s product, just like the customers themselves. More than 90 professionals solve digital issues and create unique products through design, development, and CRO. The team also stands out because it chooses sustainable initiatives at every stage of activity: from planting trees after the release of a digital product to minimizing waste and junk emails.

Clients call Tangent a diligent partner, note that it is focused on achieving the best result and the originality of solutions. Perhaps that is why it became the seventh popular company in 2021 and received a quality rating of 4.9 stars.



The Zegami team only focuses on the transformation of artificial intelligence. The company helps researchers, scientists, and physicians to improve their work results using AI algorithms. The company’s data scientists prepare training data and enhance machine learning algorithms. In exploring new areas, developers are assisted by the Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of experts in ML-learning, biology, history, and other disciplines.

Customers who give the team a high rating of 4.9 stars mention that the employees have an amazing combination of knowledge and creativity. Clients see that the company is at the cutting edge of online data visualization and is constantly innovating. The efficiency and hard work of the team have not gone unnoticed. That is why Zegami became one of the most popular software development companies in 2021.


DCSL GiudeSmiths

The British company DCSL GiudeSmiths has been helping clients to transform and improve their businesses for almost 30 years. From a small “one-stop-shop” for business computing, the company has grown to a global corporation with 300 employees. It provides a full range of IT services, from developing any kind of application and upgrading old software to product support.

DCSL GiudeSmiths clients include Mitsubishi, Water Aid, Skanska, Hospify, and other major brands. Customers note the company’s ability to cope with complex requirements, amazing technical expertise, and precise implementation of ideas. The company has collected 52 positive reviews and 4.8 stars.



Osedea has been helping businesses to build brilliant web and mobile apps, AI-powered software solutions, and custom software for nearly 10 years. The team dives deep into a business to create original, relevant, and quality software. The main focus of the company is UI/UX design. Specialists can create a compelling visual presentation of a digital solution.

The team is interested in projects in various fields: from research on how coronavirus affects schoolchildren to AI technology for detecting harmful substances in food. Therefore, both large enterprises and small/medium-sized businesses willingly cooperate with Osedea. The dynamism and innovation of the team have led to high scores on Clutch (4.8 stars) and the tenth place in The Manifest’s ranking.



The events of the 21st century and rapid digital transformation are forcing businesses to keep up with the times and maintain their digital presence on the market. To succeed in it, you need to find the best software company in the UK that you can trust. For this, you should focus on its experience, popularity, and customer reviews published on reputable sources such as Clutch and The Manifest.



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Yuri Filatov

Yuri Filatov

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