So you wanna say C++ is better than Java?

No, I don’t want to say that way or other way.

Nowadays, we hear a lot of crazy things in a dispute about language to write your code. First of all, you have to always keep in mind one phrase:

Programming is not a code — it is the algorithm

Let’s mark some visible advantages and disadvantages of them:

1. It is easier and faster to write cross-platform applications on Java

2. It is easier to write multithreaded applications on Java, but faster on C++

3. When you work extensively on memory, then faster is C++

4. C++ is good, when your performance and memory is critical (large calculations etc.)

5. Java is easier to study and faster to write a code

6. C++ is too strict. One small mistake can make a fatal loss in a “game”. Some people compare it to ”playing chess”

7. There a lot of libraries for C++, that allow writing ”beautiful” and fast GUI

8. A lot of desktop applications are still being written on C++

9. Some say that Java is a good start, but not “continue”. C++ compilation is generic for every platform, but not Java.

10. So C++ is merciless. How much time do you need to make an ideal code?

Have I marked everything?

Of course, no.

There is no general answer to this question, everything is individual. Every language is good and needed today as well. In conclusion, I wanna say NOT ”C++ vs Java”, but ”C++ and Java” (Because of JNI, you can make a good one of two)

Share your opinion on these points and I really want you to write your suggestions / ideas in comments too!

Good luck in your job!

Written by Andersen



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Yuri Filatov

Yuri Filatov

IT Expert and IT Delivery Manager at Andersen