HTML+CSS — guide for a good start

Yuri Filatov
3 min readMay 21, 2021

Not so many days ago I’ve written an article about Is it worth to start, if you decided to start, then I recommend you to check it.

First steps

  • You don’t need a teacher to start learning or any courses. It is even better, if you do everything by yourself
  • You don’t even need money for your base

Communities to check


Open notepad app, if you don’t have a specific one and save it into some folder, but check the data type: change txt to html (write by yourself).

Your structure is

  • Head (It doesn’t mean the upper part of your website, but it contains all general information or all style tags)
  • Body (The main part, where you write your HTML code, so this part contains everything about the information you fill your website with)

It looks like


Why are they duplicated?

The first one opens, the second one closes(/)

Where is the part with JS?

It is always better to make as many files as many different types we have. For example, we make a different file for CSS, that includes all style tags and is connected to the HTML file. So with JS.

How do we connect files?

  • CSS: We write in HTML file in head <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”…”>
  • JS: We write in body <script type=”…” src=”…”></script>

Where can I check my website?

If you’ve just started and just made a simple file on your computer, then open your HTML file with some browser (I really recommend you to open with Google Chrome, as it is more visually optimized, btw, you can check by yourself by opening in 2 browsers at the same time)

Where can I search for style?

How do I make visuals?

How do I share my website?

  • Hosting (They can be even free :) )
  • Website creating platforms such as wix, ucoz BIG NO.

What to do after that?

  • Improve your skills by learning what’s popular and needed nowadays.
  • Put JS into your website (The way to communicate with the website)
  • Learn PHP
  • Make huge projects (not just some pages) with PHP and databases.

Can I gain something from HTML+CSS?

It can be strange, If I say yes. Because why do people always improve their skills, learn more and more, if you gain something from this base?

Even though, the Internet is still full of simple websites with almost no communication and they make SEO strategy to make their website popular and make offers such as

  • I put your link into my website for money
  • I make an ad about you for money

In marketing for beginners it is not really important, how good the website is optimized. But it is just an example, that I don’t recommend you, as you should never stop in developing.

I guess I’ve answered all the questions for beginners. If not, ask in the comments. Follow me for updates.

Good luck in your job!

Written by Yuri Filatov, IT Expert at Andersen