How to Prevent Cyberattacks with Digital Twin Technology

Virtual protection of the real world

Digital twin revolution

Digital twin technology in cybersecurity

  1. Specialists create a virtual copy of any physical device of the company, including IT infrastructure.
  2. A digital “clone” is exposed to trial cyberattacks. It helps to search for potential security “holes”. It is also taught to detect threats.
  3. Virtual twins display the data needed to protect intelligent machines and provide a better understanding of the internal processes of the software.
  • hardware architecture of the device,
  • operating system and its versions,
  • memory stream,
  • compilation mode and other information.

The capacities of digital twins

Digital twin use cases in cybersecurity

  • Specialists receive attack graphs.
  • Threat assessment.
  • Elimination of risks.




IT Expert and IT Delivery Manager at Andersen

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