How to Choose the Best UI/UX Design Agency for Your Software Project?

Yuri Filatov
4 min readJul 13, 2022

No matter how great the idea of your software product is, without the outstanding visual experience users will hardly pay it the attention it’s due. Below are just a few compelling facts demonstrating how a well-design app can impact your project’s success:

  • it takes your clients a split second to form an impression of your product based on its visual look;
  • companies generally get a hundredfold ROI from every dollar they spend on UX;
  • approximately two in three business leaders consider UX to be an indicator of their companies’ competitive advantage;
  • four in five clients are inclined to spend more money when they come across a product providing a great UX.

Considering the above, a professionally designed and visually attractive software product is essential if you want to build trust with your clients and boost customer conversion rate. In this piece, Andersen’s UI/UX design experts with many years of experience in creating best-in-class software solutions will share useful insights on how to find a professional design agency for your project.

The key points to consider when looking for a UI/UX design agency

When deciding on the UI/UX design services provider that matches your project best, we recommend you to bear in mind the following three very important factors:

Your project type, complexity, and scope

The above factors define the profile of an agency you’re looking for, as well as software cost.

First of all, what type of solution do you need? Will it be a custom mobile app, a web & desktop design project, or perhaps you require graphic design services or your app needs new cutting-edge features and you’re looking for professional redesign services? Your solution’s type will impact the duration of your project, the interface complexity, and the composition of the team needed to do the job.

At Andersen, we offer the services of top-notch Middle and Senior Designers and Team Leads to create intuitive user interfaces and outstanding user experience, wireframes and prototypes for products of any complexity, eye-catching illustrations, 2D/3D animation, and conduct UX audits of your existing systems.

Your outsourcing company’s location

Your IT partner’s location will influence the nature of your communication and the project cost to a great extent. Therefore, it’s crucial to decide whether you want to work with the designers based in the US and Western Europe or with the ones located in Eastern Europe. The first option tends to be considerably more costly. Therefore, if you’re looking for a competitive project price without compromising its cost, we recommend you consider outsourcing your UI/UX design project to a company based in Eastern Europe, e.g. Poland or Ukraine.

Your business industry and level of expertise required

Note that the project’s complexity and scope also vary depending on your business industry as, for example, FinTech and Healthcare software requires among other issues adherence to industry regulations, while these limitations don’t pertain to Travel and Hospitality apps.

The more complex your project is, the more extensive expertise is required for its design and development. When looking for a UI/UX design agency, you should bear in mind that the architecture and design stage for complex projects might require deep knowledge of prototyping, using personas, elaborating cross-platform architecture, etc. and choose the IT partner with a vast experience.

How to find an outstanding UI/UX design agency for your project

Although today’s businesses have a broad selection of professional UI/UX design agencies in place, Andersen’s experts are delighted to provide a piece of advice on this matter to help you make the right choice. When you look for an outsourcing company, we recommend that you should be guided by the following principles:

Prefer close collaboration to mere outsourcing

The implementation of a large project might take you from several months to several years. Therefore, you would want to partner with a trusted vendor who knows your business in detail and strives to achieve the best possible outcomes.

With this in mind, we recommend you to perform careful research of the company’s information, achievements, and reviews on dedicated platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, Awwwards, etc. to find out whether the agency meets your expectations and matches your business needs.

Take a close look at the agency’s portfolio

Take a close look at the agency’s portfolio on its website, as well as on such dedicated platforms as Behance, Dribbble, etc. By doing so, you will be able to get acquainted with the company’s style and design techniques and understand whether their approach to UI/UX design matches your taste.

Note the company’s adherence to best practices

When opting for a UI/UX agency, mind its adherence to Agile and UI/UX design best practices. These reside in applying the User-Centered Design methodology to ensure a higher user retention rate, turning to Jakob Nielsen’s heuristics to boost customer conversion rate, working in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to achieve better accessibility, and more. Thus, your product won’t just feel and look good, but it will be compliant with the latest industry trends.

Mind the agency’s expertise in your industry

Last but not least. Take a look at how your future partner handled design and development issues when working on industry-specific tailor-made solutions, and in what fashion they addressed unique customer needs. This will help you better understand how the agency can be a help to you when coming up with the solution for your particular business issue.

To sum up

In today’s oversaturated market, finding a trusted UI/UX design agency that will become your reliable partner is not an easy task. If you are looking for professional design services and need a hand with creating an outstanding software product, contact Andersen’s UI/UX designers. For over fifteen years, the experts from our UI/UX Design Studio have been delivering outstanding projects to customers all over the world, and we shall be delighted to help you as well in the best possible way.